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20% discount on our Coffrets "Parcelles" et "Folle Blanches".....

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Up to january 31st, don’t miss a 20% discount on our range of Coffrets "Parcelles" et "Folle Blanches".....

To celebrate the new year up to january 31st, take advantage of 20% discount on our range of Coffrets "Parcelles" et "Folle Blanches".....
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Coffret "Les Parcelles":

"Pain Perdu", "Chante Perdrix", "La Faucille", "Hurtebise", "Combe Raine",..... Although all these names may not mean anything to you, they express the diversity of our vineyard: hills, plains, age of the vines, exposure of the plots, .... all these fators influence the various aromas of the Eau-de vie coming out of the alambic.

- Terroir:

This "coffret" takes you to the very heart of Grande Champagne where we produce our cognacs for more than 50 years.

- Elevage:

This unique coffret is made of 3 single vineyard Cognacs (of your choice) from 2001 and 2002 from Chante Perdrix, La Faucille, Combe-Raine, Pain Perdu, La Grande Pièce.

Coffret "Folle Blanche":

- Grape type:

This unique coffret unique is made of 3 Folle Blanche grape Cognacs of your choice (from 2005 to 2011).

- Dégustation:

Much more fruity than Ugni-Blanc eaux-de-vies, ours Folle Blanche cognacs reveal notes of pear, banana, pastry sweetness, and some spicy hints of pepper or cinnamon. Come discover them all....

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