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The Art of Tasting

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Cognac is not to be drunk, it is to be savoured...


The first pleasure with a glass of Cognac is ...
to look at him. Its golden or amber colour, its limpidity and its viscosity, are indicative of its age and quality.

Then it’s time to feel it slightly. The

"MONTANT" is first noticed, with the lightest of fragrances.

After a few minutes, the Cognac will reveal the full extent of its “BOUQUET” :
Floral / fruity : Young Cognac (less than 10 years old).
Sweet spices with a hint of fruit : over 15 years old
Cedar, leather : more than 30 years old

Then it’s the tasting, gently, with a few drops on the end of the tasting
the tongue. Let them flow and fill the palate. Let the sensations speak for themselves, the sweet and bitter taste of alcohol. After swallowing it, appreciate its length, its persistence on the palate...

Generally speaking, a Cognac GRANDE CHAMPAGNE reaches its maximum maturity at around 60 years of age. When only a small volume remains, the barrel is emptied and the contents transferred to a glass jar (dame-jeanne) to stop the ageing process.

We found 4 FLAVOUR FAMILIES in the Cognac :

- Floral : Linden, vine flower, dried rose, violet, hyacinth, jasmine...
- Fruity : pear, raspberry, apricot, prune, walnut, fig, lemon, coconut, banana...
- Spicy : curry, saffron, vanilla, honey, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, black pepper...
- Woody : oak, cedar, sandalwood, eucalyptus...

- Others : butter, cocoa, roasted coffee, leather, tobacco, fresh baked goods... + all the fragrances and smells that everyone has encountered in the course of their own olfactory experience.

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