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There is a more than five hundred-year-old oak nearby Cognac, called "l’Yeuse", in the middle of wineyards, that was planted in 1492 to celebrate the birth of François The First, «The King of the Kings», who was born in Cognac on the Charente River. This exceptional tree was elected the most beautiful tree in France in September 2014.


The story of «Cognac de l’Yeuse» started in 2014 when Jacques, his founder native from Cognac decided to create a new brand to celebrate the memory of his ancestors who dedicated their whole life to this spirit since the end of the 19th Century.

The family’s story started by the end of the 19th Century when Léonard, Jacques’ s great great great uncle created a brick factory in 1887 called «Les Tuileries» in Boutiers Saint-Trojan, nearby Cognac on the «Borderie» wineyard dedicated to the alembic for cognac distillation. Emmanuel, Jacques’s great great father in the early 20th Century, then Raoul, Jacques’s great father before Jacques’s father were developing significantly the family’s company up to 2000.


«Cognac de l’Yeuse» is a typical French craft spirit : very «confidential», dedicated to the «cognac» passionate, produced in very small batches, blend of the best well selected brandies aged more than ten years in oak barrels from «Limousin», coming exclusively from «Grande Champagne» vineyard, «ugni blanc» grape, which has been given for centuries the best cognacs. «Cognac de l’Yeuse» is manually bottled directly in the winery as we used to do in the old days. «Cognac de l’Yeuse» is a 5 sense experience : honey color following its more than ten years spent in oak barrels, its flavors are delicate, elegant and frilly, with an old prune taste in nose. While in mouth, it reveals all its harmony and complexity.