You would like to buy Michel Forgeron Cognac, but your environmental conscience is not enough for you!

What about recycling empty bottles, corks, cardboard boxes and transport dunnage?

And what about the CO2 emitted during the transport of your purchase to your home!

To help you overcome your remorse, here are a few ideas:

  • We favour the short circuit and national or European know-how: 
    • Our bottles are produced in Cognac (16) and Feuquieres (60). 
    • The corks are made in Cognac (16). The cork comes from Portugal (like all corks).   
    • The labels are designed and manufactured in Cognac (16).  
    • The capsules come from France (Gers) and Spain (Barcelona).   
    • The individual cases are manufactured in Nantes (44). 

  • For the wedging of the bottles inside the transport boxes, we prefer recycled paper or cardboard; very rarely polystyrene.

  •  We are a member of the organization in charge of organizing the recycling of waste: Adelphe, the organization in charge of waste recycling in France.

                                    Adelphe, organisme gestionnaire du recyclage des déchets en France

  • We pay a recycling eco-tax on each bottle you buy (in France) materialized by the green dot (or other color) that you certainly know better.

                                            Point Vert

  • Since 2017, you have the possibility at the end of your order (just before payment) to add a contribution of 0.99€ to plant a tree thanks to Reforest'Action. 

                                           Reforest'Action, lutter contre les rejets de CO2