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This category is composed of our Grande Champagne Cognacs from 3 to 10 years old spirits.

We call COGNAC a brandy that has undergone a double distillation in a "Charentais" type still produced in the delimited region of the appellation and respecting the specifications in terms of grape varieties, method of cultivation and ageing.

As such, Cognac can only be marketed in bottles after a minimum of 30 months ageing in Limousin or Tronçais oak barrels.

The youngest denominations are therefore V.S. (30 months minimum) and V.S.O.P. (54 months, i.e. 4,5 years in wood).

For info: Brandy needs only 6 months in wood, Tequila "reposada" 6 months also, Tequila "añeja" only 12 months!!!!

As for Vodka or Gin: NOTHING. Directly marketed after reduction at the exit of the still without passing through oak barrels.


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Cognac Le Flambant

A Cognac Grande Champagne to give taste to your dishes! So, to your pots ....