Nutrition information / caloric intake

For the sake of information and transparency and anticipating the requests of the European Commission, we indicate for most of our products, the value of their caloric intake.

We remind you that if for the moment the consumption of alcohol is not yet prohibited, it is advisable to consume reasonably.

The normal dose should be 4cl for Cognac and 8cl for Pineau des Charentes.

to calculate the caloric intake of a spirit alone (not mixed with soda, juice or other):

Example: for 4cl of cognac @ 40%, we determine:

volume of pure alcohol = volume of spirits x % alcohol, i.e. 4cl x 40% = 1.6cl of pure alcohol (AP)

mass of pure alcohol: 1cl = 8g, i.e. 1.6cl AP x 8g = 12.8g

the number of calories: 1g = 7Kcal, i.e. 12.8g x 7Kcal = 89.6Kcal

For more information, you can consult the WHO website by clicking on the following link

http:/ /educalcool.qc.ca/alcohol-and-you/health/low-risk-alcohol-consumption-levels/#.XPbZqBZKiM8

and a graph of the main alcohol-consuming countries on the OECD website

https://data.oecd.org/en/healthrisk/alcohol-consumption .htm

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health (just like the abuse of sugar, salt, fat, tobacco, drugs, medicines, hucksters (printed media, radio, TV and social networks), etc..... )