Les Barriques

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Our selection of "SINGLES" Cognacs, produced and distilled by Michel Forgeron between 1960 and 2000.

- Barrique-60 to Barrique-89: "Bruts de fut" cognacs, without blending or reduction.

- Barrique 90 to Barrique-2.0: Cognacs without blending but with a slight reduction (@ 47% alc.) to better appreciate them.

These cognacs are still in casks where they continue to age and evolve. They are bottled in batches of 6 for each cognac.

They are all different on the nose and in the mouth: fruity, spicy, woody, toasted, buttered, animal (leather), ...

To better appreciate them, we advise you to serve them at room temperature, even slightly cool (17C), preferably in a "Tulip" glass


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